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Victory Christian Tabernacle Church

Rev. Dr. James A. May, D. D., M.R.E., Th.M.

Being trained in the ways of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ from childhood, Pastor May accepted God’s free gift of eternal life, and was baptized at age 24 (1980), at True Love Baptist Church, Detroit, MI., under the direction of the late Pastor H. B. Robinson Sr. Since then, he has attended and studied numerous Christian denominations. Pastor May was a founding member of the Police Officers for Christ Gospel Choir, Detroit, MI in the early 1980’s.

In 1990, Pastor May married his loving wife, Adino, “Dena,” nourishing five wonderful daughters.

In 2005-2006, he served as an Evangelist, mentor and leader of “Motivating Youth for Life Advancement” (MYLA) at True Love Baptist Church. This entity taught youth how to use the Word of God, during their everyday life.

In 2007, Pastor May was a founding member of Victory Baptist Church International (VBCI), Pastor Richard B. Fields. He served as an Evangelist, Sunday school teacher and church trustee. In September 2009, he publicly announced and accepted God's ordination and calling to the preaching ministry. He was designated “Minister-In-Training.” In September 2010, Pastor May left VBCI to pursue his vision from God.

October 1, 2010, Pastor May was licensed and “ordained” through the National Association of Christian Ministers. Being led by the Holy Spirit, Victory Christian Tabernacle, (VCT) a Michigan Ecclesiastical Christian Ministry was created in November 2010 by Pastor May and Dena. This ministry supports other Christian ministries by providing worship service preaching, training in evangelism, defending the Christian faith, Chaplin services for nursing homes and care centers, assist new churches in kingdom building, and provides other Christian services as needed.

Pastor May was installed as the Assistant Pastor of Empowerment Temple Church in December 2012, Dr. Reginald L. Rose, Senior Pastor.

In 2014, he was appointed a Chaplain for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department by Sheriff Benny Napoleon, and is currently a Chaplain under Sheriff Raphael "Ray" Washington..

Pastor May completed the Evangelism Explosion, Teacher/Trainer Clinic at Second Ebenezer Church in 2006 and has taught evangelism at many churches throughout Metro Detroit.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he formulated S. O. S. (Salvation Over Sin) Evangelism. This is a simplified method of witnessing to the world in the 21th Century which includes "answering the tough questions" (defending the Christian faith). The theme of S. O. S. Evangelism is "Jesus is our life preserver."

In 2009, he Graduated from The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry-School of Theology, and the Christian Apologetic Research Ministry-School of Apologetics . He received a Bachelor degree in Theology and Religious Studies. He also earned a Masters in Theology and Religious Studies, from Union Baptist Seminary, School of Religious Studies. and was awarded an Honorary Doctor’s of Divinity from Oval Bible College in 2013.

In 2016, Pastor May received a Doctor in Divinity degree from Union Baptist Seminary, School of Religious Studies.

Pastor May is a member of the “National Association of Christian Ministers,” the founder and member of the "Interdenominational Association of Christian Churches," and a life member of the "National Certified Chaplains Association.” He has received numerous certificates in Biblical Studies, Christian Education and he continues his education in biblical and theological studies. He preaches, teaches, and provides Christian services at numerous churches and health care centers in the metro Detroit area.

He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Public Safety School of Police Staff and Command. He is a retired Sergeant of the Detroit Police Department, after serving 27-years (1977-2004). He is currently a Supervisory Special Agent investigator with the Michigan Department of Attorney General. Pastor May has taught as a “subject matter expert” at Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University and the Detroit Police Department 2018 - 2019 Detective School. He is a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner and a Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist.

Although the vision and existences of Victory Christian Tabernacle Church came in 2010, there was six years of preparation for the manifestation of this church ministry. 2017, marks the seventh year, the year of completion and beginning of another branch of Jesus Christ’s Vine. By remaining in Jesus Christ, He will remain in us and we will produce much fruit. For without Jesus Christ, we cannot do anything.